About C4+

Some of our costumers have been really happy with the ease of use and the compact size of the ScandInvent C4, but asked “if it only could be a bit bigger?”

Now we have the ScandInvent C4+. This incorporates all the versatile functionallity of ScandInvent C4 but with a bigger table capacity. Now pieces can be machined up to 230 cm long and 110 cm wide and 23 cm deep. It has increase tool capacity from 15 to 22 holders.

More about C4+

The Secret of Success

The C4+ is a development based on the C3’s unique open gantry and all of C4’s benefits but much bigger! The ScandInvent C4+ can be set with multiple jobs with variable start points for each. A great addition for kitchen or monument work.

With the open gantry and compact and space-saving design it allows for any size work pice – without having to take into account the machine’s tool envelope.

The stone is worked “polished side up” to make set up easier for the fabricator. The “tilt-table” means your stone dosen’t need to be calibrated and it’s perfect for drainers and flutes. 

Easy-to-operate software

Along with our other CNC stone fabrication machinery, the entire process is run from the integrated PC Windows control panel. The easy-to-operate interface in the modern computer makes it possible to draw, change and save thousands of drawings and figures in the machine. 

The C4+ includes ScandSOFT, the user-friendly software designed and developed by ScandInvent to make CNC programs of any sink, cooking top, monument or solid stone shower tray. So without previous knowledge of CNC-technique you can operate the C4+. The machine is also equpied with DDX EasySTONE. With EasySTONE more complex operations are also possible if you have CAD/CAM experience.

Benefits to be mentioned

Easy to install and operate
Compact size
ScandSoft software included
Tilt-enable table in any direction
Central and lateral waterfeeding
Cutting out and inside edge polish
Flushfit sinks, flutes, grooves, ect.
Draingboards and  sloping planes
Automatic tool changer
memorials, monuments & gravestone
photo & text engraveing
Easystone Software included

About C4+

Technial Data

Travel X

2300 mm / 59″

Spindle power

7,5 – 12,5 hp

Travel y

1150 mm / 45″

Spindle speed

0 – 9 000 rmp

Travel Z

220 mm / 8,6″

Tool connection

ISO 40


2550 mm / 100″


2100 mm / 82,5″


1825 mm / 72″


2100 kg / 4620 lbs