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Go to CnCut-C3 | Compact CNC Work Center

CnCut-C3 | Compact CNC Work Center

The easiest way to make kitchen tops & sink bowl cutouts! C3 is a milling and engraving stone CNC machine designed as an affordable way to help remove the bottleneck in your production.

Go to CnCut-C4 | Compact CNC Work Center

CnCut-C4 | Compact CNC Work Center

Great for kitchens. Great for monuments. For stone fabrication, C4 is a fully automated stone CNC machine that is as effective for monuments and memorials as it is for kitchen tops.

CnCut-C4+ | Wide CNC Work Center

Our popular CNCut-C4 is also available in an extended version. With more tool pockets and support for larger work pieces. More info coming soon…

Go to CX4 | 4-axis CNC Work Center

CX4 | 4-axis CNC Work Center

Sawing, Milling, Polishing – Full production, just one machine! The CX4 has been designed with high production in mind. With the CX4’s compact design, open gantry for easy loading and innovative, easy-to-use software you will save valuable time on the whole CNC process.

Go to SX5 | 5-axis Fully Automatic CNC Stone Saw

SX5 | 5-axis Fully Automatic CNC Stone Saw

Interpolated 5-axis fully automatic CNC stone saw The SX5 is an interpolated, 5-axis, powerful (15-21 HP spindle) fully automated stone CNC saw. The SX5 follows ScandInvent’s tradition of brilliant innovation for simple operation. The SX5 ensures high production and efficient stone fabrication.

Go to EdgeTec 3500 | Fully Automatic Edge Polisher

EdgeTec 3500 | Fully Automatic Edge Polisher

The revolutionary edge polishing machine! Scandinvent’s line of compact stone fabrication equipment and stone CNC machinery continues with the fully automatic e3500, a single-head edge profile and polishing machine

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Used ScandInvent Machines

Second hand Scandinvent machines, fully refurbished with factory warranty.

About us

Made in Sweden, ScandInvent is recognized internationally for designing compact, clever and affordable stone CNC machines and stone fabrication equipment.
“We try to think of the problems masonry companies face and solve them.”

Welcome to ScandInvent AB. Based in Sweden, ScandInvent is an internationally recognized manufacturer of compact, clever and affordable stone fabrication machines and stone CNC machinery. Everything about ScandInvent machines and equipment is designed to be an extension of the way masons already work and think, so that operation of them is intuitive and straight forward. “We try to think of the problems masonry companies face and solve them.” ScandInvent’s stone fabrication equipment includes fully automated edge profiling and polishing machines, sink bowl CNC, monumental and memorial engraving CNC and a 5-axis, fully automated, stone CNC saw. We also offer a full range of high-quality, precision tooling as well as a range of practical options designed with the stone worker in mind. We combine reliability and simplicity to produce high-quality, affordable, state-of-the-art stone workshop machinery. “Our philosophy is that high-quality, reliable machinery combined with high-quality after sales service ensures customer loyalty.” Our aim is to help our customers increase their profitability by reducing their costs. In close cooperation with customers and business partners, and with solid experience from the stone industry our innovative technology is your advantage. Please spend a few minutes learning more about ScandInvent and how customers in over thirty countries are making their business more profitable using our reliable and innovative technological solutions.


ScandInvent has, together with its distributors, delivered machines to customers all over the world

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