October 6, 2016


The SX5 is an interpolated, 5-axis, powerful (15-21 HP spindle) fully automated stone CNC saw.

The SX5 follows Scandinvent’s tradition of brilliant innovation for simple operation. The SX5 ensures high production and efficient stone fabrication.

With a unique 3-sides open gantry and hydraulic table tilt, the SX5 makes it easy to load your granite, marble and engineered stone slabs. Like all of Scandinvent’s stone CNC machines, the SX5 comes with ScandSOFT™, the stone fabrication industry’s most innovative software. The interpolated axes allow the SX5 to cut in any direction, with all axes working together. With a laser attached to the blade cover, you’re able to align your slab and direct cuts when using the manual cut feature.

With an intelligent speed regulator, the SX5 can be left to work. No operator is required to monitor the machine during single or multiple cuts, the full shape you have programmed will be cut without the need for adjustments.

Or, if you like, you can switch the saw to manual mode for simple sawing operations. With the SX5, it’s up to you.

Brochure: SX5

Benefits to be mentioned

•  Easy to install and operate
•  Compact size
•  ScandSOFT software included
•  Hydraulic tilt-table and 3 -sides open gantry
•  Interpolated, automatic 5-axis
•  One program = complete cut outs
•  Preview your cut outs with ScandSOFT
•  Intelligent Speed Regulation
•  Laser alignment
•  Continuous 360 saw spindle rotation

Technical data

Dimension of the worktable
3500 mm x 1900 mm/137.8 x 74.8 inch
Max workable thickness
250 mm/9,8 inch
Cutting stroke X-axis (along back)
3400 mm/133,8 inch
Cutting stroke Y-axis (in and out)
1830 mm/72 inch
Cutting stroke Z-axis (up and down)
450 mm/17.7 inch
Rotation C-axis (around Z-axis)
360º continuous
Tilting A-axis (tilting for mitre cut)
0-90 º
Diameter of the blades that can be applied
300-700 mm/11.8-27.5 inch
Motor Power
11/15 kW/15/21 Hp
Max rotation on the spindle unit
2900 rpm
Dimensions (LxWxH)
4500x3050x2950 mm/177x120x116 inch
4500 kg/9920 Ibs
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