April 25, 2019


Some of our customers have been really happy with the ease of use and the compact size of the Scandinvent C4, but asked “if only it could be a bit bigger?”.

Now we have the Scandinvent C4+. This incorporates all the versatile functionality of the Scandinvent C4 but with a bigger table capacity. Now, pieces can be machined up to 230 cm long and 110 cm wide and 23 cm deep. It has increase tool capacity from 15 to 22 holders.

The Scandinvent C4+ can be set with multiple jobs with variable start points for each. A great addition for Kitchens or Monument work.

Benefits to be mentioned

•  Easy to install and operate
•  Compact size
•  ScandSOFT software included
•  Automatic tool changer
•  Tilt-enabled table in any direction
•  Central and lateral water feeding
•  Cutting out and inside edge polishing
•  Flush fit sinks, flutes, grooves etc
•  Drain boards and sloping planes
•  Memorials, monuments and gravestones
•  Photo and text engraving

Technical data

Travel, X 2300 mm / 59”
Travel, Y 1150 mm / 45”
Travel Z 220 mm / 8,6”
Spindle power 7,5-12,5 hp
Spindle speed 0-9000 rpm
Tool connection ISO 40
Width 2550 mm / 100”
Depth 2100 mm / 82,5”
Height 1825 mm / 72”
Weight 2100 Kg / 4,620 lbs
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